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The Best Colors for Summer Weddings

If you’re tying the knot this summer and are looking for the best colors for your wedding decor and floral arrangements, you’ve come to the right place. Find out what the event coordinating professionals at sixty five hundred, the popular wedding venue in the heart of Dallas, Texas, recommend for your summer wedding colors below!

Embrace Bright Colors

Summer weddings are the perfect opportunity to embrace a bright and bold color palette. Forego the spring pastels and fall jewel tones and opt instead for striking colors like fuchsia and calming blue. Begin by using a modern graphic on you wedding invitation to introduce your color combination to guests and then tie the colors into your ceremony programs, reception menus and cocktail napkins.

Complementary vs. Analogous Colors

When it comes to your color scheme, it’s easy to avoid clashing if you choose hues that are either complementary (opposite each other on the color wheel) or analogous (next to each other on the color wheel). These color pairings work particularly well for table settings – try balancing the colors of your table floral arrangements with colored glassware or chargers. Some of our favorite analogous colors for summer celebrations include scarlet and marigold.

Make It Cheerful

Happy wedding color palettes are a great way to make sure your day looks as cheerful as it feels. There are countless ways to tie vibrant colors into your wedding, particularly with your flower arrangements. Try pairing pink and yellow hues which lend themselves perfectly to summery botanical and garden-themed wedding celebrations. Plus there are countless cocktail recipes you can play with for an added pop of color.

Find the Right Space

Once you’ve settled on the bright, colorful scheme for your big day, you’ll need to determine the perfect location for your Dallas summer wedding. Contact sixty five hundred today to learn more about our wedding venue or take a look at our gallery of bridal images here!

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