sixty five hundred’s expansive floor plan is ideal for hosting large-scale non-profit events and fundraising functions. The venue’s industrial design gives your organization the ability to set the stage in order spread awareness and promote contribution for your cause. A flawlessly executed event is sure to evoke a positive response from your crowd; here at sixty five hundred we take every step to make this possible.

Dallas is full of organizations who benefit our community and assist those in need. From educational institutions to social advocacy groups, all charities need a place to endorse the wellness of others while creating a celebratory, memorable atmosphere. sixty five hundred’s spacious design allows you to elegantly display donated auction items while encouraging your guests to socially mingle with ease.

Aside from fundraising and auction-style events, we are proud to have the ability to host a wide variety of occasions including: milestone anniversary parties, award banquets, networking receptions, high school dances, and Greek affiliated philanthropic mixers.

For more information or to schedule a site visit, please contact our event team.

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