7 Ways to Use Boxwood Walls at Your Wedding

When designing your upcoming special day, it can often be overwhelming as you start to search for unique décor items that bring personality and impact to your design. From floral centerpieces to chandeliers, backdrops, linens, and more, you want to discover and utilize pieces that add a special, personalized touch.

Here at sixty five hundred, we have a collection of inventory that provides a classic simplicity to accommodate any style, including our faux boxwood hedge walls.  With four boxwood walls in-house and completely multifunctional, we are here to share 7 ideas on how to incorporate them into your wedding décor.  

Create an impactful ceremony backdrop!

Wedding Ceremony Altar at sixty five hundred

Image by Allen Tsai Photography

One of our favorite ways to use our boxwoods is to set them as a backdrop for your ceremony. They easily create a focal point and can be dressed up simply with floral arrangements on either side. All things white pop against the dark, faux leaves, so let’s just say your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off of your stunning dress!

A personalized setting for your photo booth!

Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

Image by Allen Tsai Photography

We love pitching this idea to our brides! Our boxwoods can be easily customized with floral and your last name for the perfect photo op. Instead of posing against a standard photo booth backdrop, the personalized walls will be much more memorable as your loved ones pose to capture their happiness and smiles from the celebration.

Lead guests to their seats!

Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Image by Allen Tsai Photography

Why settle for an easel when you can have eye-catching greenery instead? An acrylic, table seating chart can be hung with ease and adorns perfectly on a single wall. Placed close to the entry, guests were drawn here straight away and not left wondering where they belonged once the drape opened for dinner.

Capture your dress before the big moment!

Wedding Dress on Boxwood Wall

Image by Ben Q Photography

As you primp and prepare for the big day, your photographer will capture your dress before you take it down the aisle to say your “I Dos”. Instead of it simply hanging on the back of a door, hung here, your beautiful wedding dress is able to shine brighter in all its glory! (Didn’t we say all things white will pop?!)

Make a statement behind the bar!

Bar Fronts at Wedding Reception Venue

Image by Allen Tsai Photography

Another way to incorporate our boxwood walls into your event décor is to place them behind our white and gray bar facades. As your guests grab a craft cocktail, create a more immersive experience by dressing up the bar with boxwoods, artwork, floral, and lamps. This is an iconic and popular set-up at our space as boxwoods make a statement against our paneled wall and the bar is nestled perfectly inside our front nook. Doesn’t this arrangement give you a sense of home?

Dress up your head table at the reception!

Wedding Reception Head Table Decor

Image by Allen Tsai Photography

Centered in-between our windows and behind the head table, our faux boxwood panels draw all the attention to the bride and groom. With simple up-lights, the walls shine and give an iconic backdrop for the newlyweds all evening as they dine as husband and wife.

Be bold and bright with a neon sign!

Neon Sign Decor Ideas at sixty five hundred

Image by Ben Q Photography

Last but certainly not least, the trendy neon sign! While this can also be for your photo booth backdrop, a custom, neon sign juxtaposed against the greenery creates the perfect on-trend wedding aesthetic. Cue the string lights, candles, and organic floral arrangements, and now you have a chic, stylish setting that will be remembered for years to come!