sixty five hundred offers a unique space for couples who desire a rustic yet modern affair. With vaulted, pinewood ceilings, white walls, and abundant natural light, the venue serves as a blank canvas and lends itself to any type of design. Whether you envision a simple setting with string lights and greenery, or lavishly decorated reception, this venue can easily transform to the beautiful wedding of your dreams.

When hosting both your wedding ceremony and reception with us, we include our in-house white pipe-and-drape to create an intimate ceremony room. Additional draping is also available for rental to separate your mingling cocktail hour from your seated dinner and reception. With countless ways to arrange your wedding floor plan, our unique warehouse space strays from the ordinary and instead steers toward the unconventional.

Offering several rental options and floor plan arrangements, visit our rental rates page or speak with our team to see which option may be best for you.